We are the official Hellenic licensee of The Ken Blanchard Companies, an international management training and consultancy firm with a global partner network founded in 1979. Blanchard Hellas was founded in 2005 and is Headquartered in Athens.

We train people to become the world’s best managers and we do it by creating learning experiences that unleash the learner’s passion. Our methodology inspires positive behavior change, yielding sustainable results for your organization. Supported by years of behavioral research and first-hand experience, our innovative learning designs create experiences that transform.

Our practices and aims are based on the idea that people want to be magnificent. They want their work to be meaningful, fulfilling and part of a greater purpose. With this is mind, we help develop effective people-centered leaders that enable the delivery of agreed goals by value-aligned teams.

Our vision is our destination: A working world, where individuals have the opportunity and the resources to discover and deliver their best, to make a significant contribution to the greater good, their own good, the good of their team and organization and the society in which they function.

Our programs range from the award-winning First-time Manager to Situational Leadership® II, the most widely taught leadership model in the world. With programs like Self Leadership, Situational Team Leadership, Coaching Essentials and more, Blanchard is the expert in management training across all levels of an organization.

We value Integrity, Partnership, Effectiveness and Expertise.

Integrity: Always acting in an ethical and lawful way we are honest with ourselves and our clients. Our projects reflect our words and promises.

Partnership: We build long lasting relationships with our partners and clients, we act to our mutual long term benefit rather than short term gains.

Effectiveness: Our actions ensure both the success of our objectives and the commitment of our partners. We constantly seek creative and innovative solutions to exceed our customers’ expectations and needs, adding value both to them awell as our company.

Expertise: We deal with areas on which we have specialist knowledge. We create, acquire and share knowledge, seeking to be the best in everything we do.

Our trainers, provide our clients a unique learning experience that culminates in tangible and proven leadership development results.

For more information, visit www.kenblanchard.com or contact Ms. Emmanouela Kourti at 210 68 34 625, kourti@blanchard.gr