HR Professional is the monthly subscription magazine of Boussias Communications, which this year celebrates 13 years of continuous circulation addressed to the community of Human Resources Management.

It is a valuable tool including current issues and themes abundant in areas of concern to practitioners of Human Resource Management, such as training and staff development, organizational learning, personnel selection, reward and motivate employees, talent management, organizational culture, change management, software systems support services HR, employment law and jurisprudence .

Through its rich content HR Professional offers not only news of space, but also knowledge about developments, new applications and trends, best practices and the latest research.

Through literature academics, professionals and selected suppliers and interviews international guru of HR, the journal provides a forum for the opinions of executives and strengthens the community of HR in Greece, bringing it also in contact with the international community of HR.

The print edition is complemented by the online HR Newsletter, which is sent every week to subscribers of HR Professional and contains news and survey data for the management of employees both in Greece and throughout the world.

HR Professional and e- HR Newsletter are sent to more than 2,000 and 5,000 members, respectively, related to the area of Human Resource Management, General and Financial Management.

The publications in the field of HR complement the conferences of HR in Action & People Management Executive Seminar, which each year host distinguished speakers from Greece and distinguished academics and authors from abroad, such as: Richard Beatty, Peter Cappelli, Chris Roebuck, Charline Li, David Ulrich, Lynda Gratton, Gareth Jones, Paul Evans, Beverly Kaye & Ruth Wageman, attracting hundreds of HR audience and top CEOs.