GEP is the leading provider of occupational health and safety services in Greece. With responsibility, an ongoing research to develop new services and a long-term planning, GEP has become a valuable partner of Greek enterprises. The company provides occupational health and safety services to more than 230.000 employees in 1.600 enterprises of all economic sectors, with a network of totally 9.500 facilities all over Greece.

Leadership: Gaining the trust of the leading enterprises of all industries for more than 15 years.

Knowhow: Focus on our skilled human resources with accumulated experience and knowledge of the international scientific advances.

Innovation: Planning and implementation of pioneering solutions for modern businesses. New programs and creative ideas that become a reality and scientific added value.

Extroversion: Our presence in 35 countries, as an official partner of the European Union for the Health & Safety controls in Delegations outside Europe, has made us reliable ambassador of Greece.