Results Based Training & Development Solution Provider

The purpose of DOOR Training & Consulting is to help our clients turn their strategic business goals into reality, through successful HR & Training consulting, experiential workshops, coaching, HR Tools and mystery shopping services.

Our approach is best described as a partnership, where we seek clarity of your strategic business goals, the opportunities and challenges you face in achieving them, before working together we create the exact solution that meets and exceeds expectations.

We are part of the DOOR International global network, which has local expertise in over fifty five countries around the world including Greece and Cyprus.

We have a team of talented consultants, facilitators and coaches. They have worked with some of the worlds’ leading organizations on some very exciting projects and assignments.


All of our consultants have a variety of project experience, as participants, project managers, and implementation consultants. We have clearly identified principles, practices and processes for client engagement, and all of our consultants have experience, breath and depth in executing these processes.


We ensure our people are kept up to speed with the latest thinking, ideas and concepts through continuous professional development activity, and we ensure that facilitators who have progressed through a Train The Trainer (T3) process, indeed the same process we offer our clients deliver all our programs.


We have the DOOR Coaching Academy, which supports our own coaching excellence; along with helping our clients achieve theirs. This involves a range of disciplines including training, mentoring, continuous professional development and support processes. The DOOR Coaching Academy focuses on Systems Thinking, Behavioral Change and Experiential Learning.

It’s Your Choice

DOOR’s mission is to help organizations and individuals improve their performance and effectiveness. How we deliver that mission is your choice. Our programs of results-based training and development are customized to meet our customers’ unique challenges, needs and values. Our success is based on our values:

• Customers come first: We learn and understand your needs.
• We enable people to develop sustainable skills and habits.
• Our customers achieve measurable results.

Our Model

We shape attitudes, develop knowledge and skills and influence organizations applying three steps:

• Training Needs Analysis (TNA)
• Experiential workshops
• Business impact calculation and ROI calculation

DOOR Training & Consulting International in Numbers

• Established in 1981 in the Netherlands.
• Became international in 1992.
• Training provided in 35 Languages.
• Franchise system, today present in over 55 Countries around the world.
• Delivered in over 90 Countries.
• Approximately 1000 DOOR trainers, consultants and coaches around the world