Dear friends,

Welcome to our annual Forum! The business environment in the past decade has seen dramatic changes in most organizations. New organizational linkages, strategic alliances, partnerships and joint ventures are being formed to achieve and maintain competitive advantage in the market place.

The success factor in networking for Managers is Trust. Trust reduces uncertainty about the future. Additionally, Trust affects a leader’s impact and the company’s bottom line more than anything. Trust can’t be built overnight. It is an arduous task requiring time, effort, diligence and character. Trust is like a forest. It takes a long time to grow but can burn down extremely fast if one isn’t careful.

Many trustworthy leaders are discovering, however, that becoming digital isn’t simply a matter of technological savvy. It’s about creating an agile organization that can detect what type of change is essential and respond quickly with the most competitive solution.

Digital transformation is currently shaking several industries and influencing the way organizations and institutions operate. The nature of work is changing faster than ever. Working and learning have started to blend, and the digital transformation of learning has accelerated organizations’ ability to transform. Learning is becoming more measurable, expandable and goal-oriented. At the same time, working is becoming more spontaneous, virtual and hyperconnected. Deciding when and where individuals learn is no longer time and place dependent. Thus, accelerating learning with the help of digitalization is becoming a critical success factor for organizations.

At this year’s Conference our aim is to provide you with more insights about those trends.

Join us to see our profession from a different perspective and find the actions to build the HR vision of the future.

Thank you for your participation and support!


Sotiris Stamatiou
GPMA President